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  1. Shawn Mendes is currently dating the model and Instagram star, Camila Cabello. The two first sparked rumors of a romance in July 2019, when Cabello collaborated with Mendes on the song ”Señorita”. They were later seen attending concerts, going for romantic walks and other public appearances. In September 2019, they finally confirmed their relationship status at the American Music Awards by kissing on stage as they accepted their award for Best Collaboration.

    The couple continues to be quite public with their relationship, attending numerous events together and sharing many posts on social media expressing love and support for one another. Shawn recently began appearing in Camila’s music videos too. Reportedly they are both very happy together and plan to take their relationship to the next level eventually.


    Shawn Mendes is a popular Canadian singer-songwriter, who has had worldwide success since 2013 with his self-titled debut EP. He gained even more fame after collaborating with British singer-songwriter Camila Cabello on their hit single “Señorita”. This got fans curious as to who the 21 year old singer was dating and many of them are eager to find out the truth.

    Currently, Shawn is reported to be single; however, in the past he has dated fellow musician, YouTube celebrity, and model Lauren O’Connell (2015-2017) and Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello (2018-2019). Despite splitting from these two famous women, Shawn remains connected with both exes: he continued to collaborate musically with Camila in 2020 and he extends friendship towards Lauren whenever they have the chance.

    Though Mendes does not currently have a romantic partner as of 2021, tabloids speculate for potential girlfriends every time that Shawn is seen spending time with someone or having any type of conversation. His admirers hope that one day soon he will find his true love and share it with millions of fans all around the globe.

    History of Shawn Mendes’ Dating Life

    Shawn Mendes’ dating history is a long one. The singer has been linked to some of the hottest young stars in Hollywood, including everyone from Camilla Cabello to Hailey Baldwin. While he’s never officially confirmed any relationships besides his brief one with Hailey Baldwin, there are definitely rumors for some other high-profile ladies who have caught his eye at one point or another.

    Shawn Mendes started off his dating career by briefly dating fellow singer and Camila Cabello. The couple was inseparable for nearly a year and even collaborated on the duet “I Know What You Did Last Summer” before amicably breaking up shortly after its release in 2015.

    Not much is known about Shawn’s relationships since then, but he has been linked to several other celebrities including Australian model Natalie Imbruglia and American socialite Hayley Erbert. Shawn has also been spotted getting cozy with singer Rita Ora and actress Chloe Grace Moretz, sparking romance rumors between the two that still remain unconfirmed to this day.

    Latest Girlfriend: Camila Cabello

    Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are a couple with a long history of success. The two singers first met in 2014 when they collaborated on the song “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Since then, they have been rumored to be dating but have only recently confirmed their relationship status.

    The couple made their official relationship public in July 2019 with a series of cozy Instagram photos, which sent fans into a frenzy! It wasn’t long until people learned that both Shawn and Camila had written songs about each other on their respective albums called “Señorita” and talk about falling in love.

    Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello share an undeniable chemistry that is evident on stage whenever they appear together. They have become quite the power couple since making their official relationship public and continue to make music and inspire fans through their romantic partnership.

    Relationship Timeline from 2011-present

    Shawn Mendes’s relationship timeline is filled with numerous high-profile celebrities. He began his career in 2011 and since then, he has been linked to several beautiful faces from various walks of life.

    2011–2012: In 2011, Shawn was first linked to Camila Cabello and producer Martin Terefe. They were spotted out on a date but the two never confirmed their relationship.

    2014-2015: Around 2014, Shawn was rumored to be dating Instagram star Taylor Alesia. The couple kept their relationship private until they eventually broke up in 2015.

    Relationship Controversy in 2019

    The relationship between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello was a source of controversy in 2019. Mendes had previously been dating model Hailey Baldwin before the two split in 2018, and there were rumors that this was when Mendes and Cabello’s relationship started. Fans of both stars began speculating on social media about their relationship as early as July 2019. However, neither star confirmed nor denied their relationship until October 2019 when they publicly showed affection for each other during a public outing.

    During this time, many fans speculated that the couple’s busy schedules were preventing them from publicly stating their romance; Mendes was on tour while Cabello was promoting her second album Romance. Despite the speculation, false reports continued to surface over the course of their relationship, including some which alleged the two had broken up multiple times or that they were not as close as they seemed.

    In December of 2019, Mendes and Cabello both posted Christmas photos with each other on social media, seemingly confirming the suspicions once and for all that they were indeed together in a committed relationship.