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  1. Simone Biles is currently believed to be in a relationship with boyfriend Jonny Brazier. The pair first met at Biles’ church and started dating in 2018. Her fans first learned of their relationship after the Olympian shared an Instagram post of them together, marking their first public appearance as a couple. They now live together and recently celebrated their 2-year anniversary. On May 9, 2020, Biles honored Brazier on his birthday, writing on Instagram that he’s “my protector, my best friend & my love.” She also added several photos of the two looking happy and content together. Outside of their relationship, Brazier is an actor who has appeared on Broad City and the movie Pets United, according to Just Jared Jr..

    Biles is a four-time world champion for her achievements in gymnastics and competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She won five gold medals that year making her one of America’s most decorated Olympic athletes. In 2019, she wrote a memoir titled Courage to Soar which debuted atop the New York Times best seller list & won numerous awards including an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work – Debut Author.

    Simone Biles and her record-breaking accomplishments

    Simone Biles is one of the most successful female gymnasts of all time and an Olympic gold medalist. She was the first woman of color to become a World all-around champion, win four individual World titles, and receive Olympic gold medals in four events.

    Not only has she won more world championship gold medals than any other American gymnast but she’s also the most decorated American female in world championship history with a total of 25 medals, 19 of which were gold! She’s also currently tied for the second highest overall score among female gymnasts.

    Simone is also known for her record-breaking accomplishments such as becoming the first woman to land two triple double somersaults in succession on floor exercise and achieving multiple championships across many different disciplines such as vault, balance beam, uneven bars, and floor exercise. Her impressive feats have earned her five ESPY Awards and recognition from Time magazine who named Simone Biles one of 2019’s 100 Most Influential People.

    Who is Simone Biles currently dating?

    Simone Biles is currently dating Jonathan Owens, a football safety for the Houston Texans. The couple began dating in August of 2017 and have been together ever since. They share an unbreakable bond of respect and understanding, oftentimes gushing about one another in public interviews.

    Biles talked openly to British GQ saying, “We just clicked…it was my first real relationship ever, so it’s genuinely such a blessing to have found somebody who gets me and understands everything I’m going through.” This heartfelt sentiment is echoed on Jonathan’s social media accounts as well, where he commonly sends positive affirmations to his girlfriend about her incredible level of success.

    The couple are often seen attending events together and showing their affection for each other in sweet social media posts.

    History of Simone Biles’ romantic relationships

    Simone Biles is currently single, but there have been a few noteworthy romantic relationships in her past. Her first serious relationship was with former US National Team member, Stacey Ervin Jr. They began dating in 2017 and their relationship was confirmed in early 2018. Unfortunately, the couple decided to part ways later that year due to incompatible schedules preventing them from seeing each other often enough.

    Her most recent public romance was with fellow gymnast Jonathan Owens. Their connection quickly became clear when they competed for the same team at the Elite Team Invitational competition in February 2020. There had been some speculation regarding their relationship since then, though it wasn’t officially confirmed until October 2020 when Owens posted a sweet tribute to Simone on Instagram for her 24th birthday. The two were pictured gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes and captured the hearts of many with their cute displays of affection online.

    How Simone Biles balances her professional and personal life

    Simone Biles is known for her world-record breaking skills on the gymnastics mat, but she also manages balance a successful professional and personal life.

    She credits many of her achievements to her family and close circle of friends. Recently, she’s been navigating a complicated relationship with collegiate football player Jonathan Owens after meeting him in 2019. From dating to supporting each other’s career and supporting each other during their darkest hours—which include struggles with alcoholism—the couple has gone through it all together.

    However, balancing an active competition schedule while maintaining an intimate relationship can be tricky. For Simone, finding that balance means making sure to set aside time for herself and her partner so she feels supported both physically and emotionally. On days when work feeling overwhelming or stressful, she counts on Jonathan find solace in his embrace as well as engaged conversations about anything from meal prepping to pondering questions about life’s true purpose. Together, they are just two happy people who share a desire for growth both individually and within their relationship!

    The influence of her family on her personal life

    Simone Biles has had quite the support system when it comes to her personal life. Her parents, Ron and Nellie Biles, have always been there for her and are said to be very influential when it comes to her relationships and decisions. They’ve expressed that they want what’s best for their daughter and want to ensure whoever she is with respects and loves her truly.

    Her siblings also provide some advice on her personal life, especially given the fact that they are slightly younger than her. Although Simone is an independent woman, she still seeks advice from them on who she should date or even if someone is right for her. The family has acted as mentors throughout this time of her life, helping guide Simone with careful insight on all of the relationships she’s encountered.

    Being in the public eye has proven difficult in terms of dating but Simone’s striking success never fails to capture attention so as long as she keeps good counsel from those around her who know her best (especially from mom, dad and siblings), there’s bound to be a happily ever after!