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  1. Sommer Ray is currently single and not dating anyone. The model had previously been linked to her ex-boyfriend—the influential rapper, actor and record producer Tyga. They were together in 2018, but haven’t been spotted together since then. She was also rumored to be seeing basketball player Ben Simmons at one point, however neither of them ever confirmed their relationship officially. It appears that Sommer Ray is focusing on her career for the time being and is actively avoiding any romantic entanglements.

    Sommer Ray and Her Career

    Sommer Ray is an Instagram celebrity and fitness model from Denver, Colorado. Ray gained fame through her empowering messages about body positivity and her stunning Instagram photos which have earned her over 20 million followers. Her modeling career began at the young age of fifteen and she has since modeled for brands like Guess, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Savage X Fenty.

    Ray is no stranger to the entertainment industry and even made appearances in shows like Ridiculousness with Chanel West Coast. With many different endeavors under her belt, she is no doubt an inspiring figure to all women (and men) who want to follow their dreams and be successful.

    Aside from modeling and acting, Sommer Ray released a YouTube channel in 2017 featuring vlogs, live Q&A’s with fans as well as beauty tutorials/tips on how to look your best. On August 14th 2020, Sommer launched her latest streaming competition charting platform named Clusterfest under the direction of CBS Media Ventures.

    Breakdown of Who She’s Dated

    Sommer Ray is currently single, however, there have been a few relationships in her life that we know of. Her most recent high-profile romance was with rapper Machine Gun Kelly back in 2018. The two met while filming a music video and dated for about four months before things fizzled out.

    Before that, Sommer dated professional BMX biker Anthony Perduto from 2017 until she called it quits in early 2018. She had also been linked to social media star Tommy Passa between 2016 to 2017. Aside from these relationships, little else is known about her dating life as she tends to keep it private.

    In the end, Sommer Ray has had a few public romances, but they all seem to be relatively short-lived and none of them appear to be serious enough to last long-term. Hopefully in the future we’ll get more insight into Sommer’s love life!

    Analysis of What Each Relationship Has Taught Her

    Sommer Ray’s relationships have clearly been a learning experience for her and an opportunity for her to continue growing as a person. If we take a look at all the relationships she’s had, we can see what each one has taught her.

    One thing that we can learn from Sommer Ray’s dating history is how to remain confident in yourself even when faced with difficult situations. Her relationship with Max Ehrich taught her the importance of being true to yourself and not changing who you are to please others. This is something that everyone, especially women, should strive for.

    Another great lesson learned from these relationships is that sometimes it takes taking a risk and trusting your gut in order to make progress or secure success. Although it may be difficult, she took a chance on actor Jack Brinkley-Cook and that has certainly proven to be beneficial in terms of career growth and personal satisfaction.

    Popular Rumors About Sommer’s Current Romantic Status

    Recently there has been much speculation about Sommer Ray’s romantic status. It appears that the internet influencer is single and isn’t seeing anyone right now, though there have been several popular rumors throughout the years.

    The most common rumor is that Sommer Ray is in a relationship with fellow fitness YouTuber, Christian Guzman. The two met at one of her fitness events and eventually began spending a lot of time together, sparking dating rumors across the internet. However, neither party has ever confirmed this speculation and it remains to be seen whether or not they are really together.

    Another popular rumor is that she has been dating business mogul Steven Bartlett since 2016. Although both parties never made an official statement about their relationship status, people noticed them following each other on social media and traveling around the world together in 2017.

    How She Publicly Talks About The Topic Of Dating

    Sommer Ray is quite the mystery when it comes to relationships and who she might be dating. But, one thing’s for sure…she definitely doesn’t mind talking about the topic!

    In interviews, she’s been vocal about her views on dating. She’s said that she prefers to take things slow and keep it more casual before moving forward into commitment. Her dating life philosophy seems to focus on connection and trying to find something that will last longer than a few weeks or months. Plus, if everyone involved has clear expectations from the start, it’s easier not to hurt anyone in the process.

    She also believes in taking risks when it comes to blossoming relationships, like going out of your comfort zone and trying something new with your partner – you never know what could come of it! Overall, Sommer speaks positively about getting out there and finding someone that makes you happy; despite any preconceptions or judgement from those around you.