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  1. Sophia Bush is currently dating musician Grant Curry. The pair made their relationship public in October 2020, when the former One Tree Hill star shared a series of photos with her new beau on her Instagram account.

    The couple appears to have met through mutual friends as Sophia also appeared in Grant’s music video for “I Wanna Dance” back in January 2020.

    Prior to dating Curry, Sophia was married to Chad Michael Murray from 2005-2006 and then actor Austin Nichols from 2013-2016. She has also been linked to Jon Foster, Dan Fredinburg, Dan Liau, James Lafferty and Jesse Lee Soffer.

    Sophia Bush & her dating life

    Sophia Bush is an actress, director, and activist who has appeared in the television shows One Tree Hill, Partners and Chicago Fire. She is also a passionate activist working towards things such as women’s rights and gun control.

    As far as her dating life goes, it looks like Sophia is currently single. However, over the years she has had several relationships with some of Hollywood’s leading men including Chad Michael Murray, Austin Nichols, and James Lafferty. Prior to her latest relationship, she was in a five-year relationship with actor Jesse Lee Soffer from 2014 – 2019.

    Overall it seems that Sophia doesn’t have an ideal timeline when it comes to relationships but ultimately she’s open to finding someone special to share her life with whenever the right opportunity comes around.

    Ex-boyfriend relationships

    It’s no secret that Sophia Bush has had her fair share of relationships. From her on-screen relationship from TV series One Tree Hill to her off-screen relationship with former Evil Dead actor, Bruce Campbell, Bush has had some interesting past loves.

    But perhaps most famously and recently was her split from ex-husband Chad Michael Murray. While the couple hasn’t released details about what went wrong between them or when their relationship ended, it’s safe to say that the two never truly got along after the end of their marriage. Since then, Bush has moved on to other partners but still speaks fondly of Murray whenever asked about him – proving that his and hers is definitely possible. As for now, Bush is currently in a relationship with political consultant Hal Rosenfield and seems to be very happy in her current romance.

    Current boyfriend and speculation

    Sophia Bush is currently dating actor/producer Marshall E. Bailey, who portrayed Dr. Sam Reide in the series Chicago Med. The two were first spotted out together in May 2019 during a night out at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

    The couple have since been seen enjoying romantic date nights around Los Angeles and vacationing in Hawaii. While it doesn’t seem likely that they are engaged, many speculate that marriage is on the cards for the cute couple, especially given how quickly their relationship has blossomed!

    In addition to Marshall, Sophia has been linked to actors Austin Nichols and Chad Michael Murray, as well as Google executive Dan Fredinburg who tragically passed away after an avalanche struck Everest Base Camp during an expedition in April 2015.

    Analysis of Sophia’s past dating choices and possible reasons for certain decisions

    Sophia Bush has had a very colorful dating history. Over the years, she’s been linked to many high-profile celebrities such as James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray. She even married her One Tree Hill costar Austin Nichols in April 2005. Though the two divorced five years later, it has become obvious that Sophia places a lot of value on companionship through marriage and relationships alike.

    A closer look at Sophia’s past dating choices reveals some possible explanations for her decisions. First, we can note that she tends to have relationships with other successful entrepreneurs or public figures—especially those who share similar interests in the industry. This could suggest that Sophia is looking for someone who truly understands what it means to be an empowered female in this age, as well as being able to relate on both personal and professional levels. Additionally, she prefers strong intellectual partners that are stimulating both intellectually and creatively—someone with whom she can enjoy a deep level of meaningful connection that lasts long after their initial relationship ends.

    Ultimately, examining Sophia Bush’s past dating patterns helps us identify some common characteristics that are important to her when selecting potential partners: ambition, intelligence, creativity and connection. Knowing this information makes it clear why Sophia chooses certain people over others; all these qualities are essential components of a loving, committed partnership.

    What is the current status of Sophia Bush’s romantic life?

    The current status of Sophia Bush’s romantic life is a bit complicated. She has been linked to several famous names throughout her career, but in recent years she says she has shied away from the spotlight so she doesn’t give anyone false hope.

    That said, it seems that she is currently single and open to dating. In April 2021, she posted on Instagram that if someone is right for her then they should shoot their shot, affirming that the relationship door is open (in the most subtle of ways).

    So while we don’t know exactly who Sophia Bush is currently dating, we can be sure that at this moment she isn’t married or in any kind of committed relationship.