Who Is Taylor Kinney Dating


Who Is Taylor Kinney Dating do you know anything about it

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  1. Taylor Kinney is currently dating model Alanna DiGiovanni. The two were first spotted together in February 2021 and since then, they’ve been spotted out on dates a few times and they even attended the wedding of Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli together.

    Although there isn’t much known about their relationship yet, it looks like the two are getting quite serious. Taylor seems to have moved on from his ex-fiance Lady Gaga and he and Alanna seem to be very happy together.

    Introduction – Who is Taylor Kinney?

    Taylor Kinney is an American actor, model and philanthropist. He’s best known for his role as paramedic-turned-firefighter “Kelly Severide” on the NBC drama series Chicago Fire. Kinney has since been a part of several other popular television shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Zero Hour. He has also been in many films including The Other Woman, rock Meets Rodeo, and Only the Brave. Away from his work on screen, he is heavily involved in various charities and endeavors for good causes.

    As far as his personal life goes, Kinney is currently single after ending his 5 year relationship with pop star Lady Gaga in 2016. While details of their breakup were never made public, it’s clear that Taylor Kinney remains single today while focusing all his energies into his career and doing good works in the world. As one of the premier actors and philanthropists in Hollywood today, he is sure to be seen around town with new potential prospects soon enough!

    Relationship History

    Taylor Kinney has had a few relationships since he first started acting. In 2011, he dated Lady Gaga for five years until they split in July 2016. Since then, Taylor Kinney has moved on to a few other relationships and was reportedly linked to Alanna DiGiovanni before being spotted with model Kelly Egarian in late 2017.

    In early 2018, reports surfaced that Taylor and Kelly were engaged; however, the couple quietly parted ways shortly afterwards. Then in 2019, Kinney was first seen with philanthropist and businesswoman Corinne Isherwood and the two have been together ever since. He also shared some photos of them together on Instagram, seemingly confirming their relationship.

    It looks like both Taylor Kinney and Corinne Isherwood are quite happy about their relationship—at least publicly—and it seems like this could be just the start of a very beautiful journey for the couple!

    Recent Relationship with Alanna Digiovanni

    Taylor Kinney has recently been linked to Alanna Digiovanni, a professional photographer that he is said to have been dating since August of 2020. The couple reportedly had an intimate ceremony on a beach in the Caribbean Islands shortly after they began dating.

    Although not much information is available about their romance and how long it had been going on, the two were spotted together several times holding hands and engaging in romantic strolls down the beach. According to sources close to the couple, Taylor and Alanna appeared very much in love throughout their time together.

    Taylor and Alanna are no longer seen together or linked as a couple anymore, but sources say that this did not seem to be a break up or animosity between the two; instead, it appears as if they naturally drifted apart due to differing work schedules. Whether or not Taylor Kinney is currently involved with someone else remains unknown for now.

    Their Mutual Interests and Activities

    Taylor Kinney is currently dating 26-year old actress, Alanna Digiovanni. The two first saw each other in 2019 and have since been inseparable. Given their close connection, the couple spends a lot of time together doing activities they mutually enjoy.

    From traveling to trying out new restaurants, Taylor and Alanna make an effort to share experiences that bring them closer together. They’re also both active people who enjoy running and working out together. One of their favorite activities is going hiking, which allows them quality time in nature before returning to city life.

    Alanna is also a dog lover like Taylor who finds puppies just as irresistible as he does. In early 2021, the couple adopted an adorable French Bulldog puppy whom they named Lou, further solidifying their love for each other and their pets! Hiking with Lou has become one of their favorite weekend activities that they now do together frequently.

    How They Met

    Taylor Kinney and Alanna DiGiovanni first met in Philadelphia in 2018. It was love at first sight for the two of them, as they said their initial meeting quickly blossomed into a deep connection where both felt understood and appreciated.

    The couple became engaged shortly after in 2019, with Kinney sharing the news on his Instagram page with a touching image showing off his fiancé’s sparkling engagement ring. In 2021, they welcomed their daughter Lennox into their family and have since been spotted out and about enjoying some quality family time.

    The couple balances busy schedules between work commitments, volunteer activities and raising a daughter together. Through it all, they remain one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples – stay tuned to see how far these two can go!