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  1. The Weeknd is currently dating supermodel Bella Hadid. The couple first started dating in April 2015, but ended their relationship in November 2016 after spending a total of 18 months together. The two got back together in 2018 and have been linked ever since.

    The couple regularly posts pictures of their time spent together on social media, so fans can get a glimpse into their life together. Recently, the two took a romantic trip to Japan and Italy for Hadid’s 22nd birthday and posted many photos from the trip. It looks like they are still very much in love! Whenever they appear in public or post on social media, people cannot help but gush over how cute they are as a couple.

    Introduction – Introduce the Weeknd and his history of romantic relationships

    The Weeknd, or Abel Tesfaye, is an R&B artist, singer and songwriter from Toronto. He first came to fame after releasing a series of mix tapes around 2010-2011. Since then he’s won three Grammy Awards and released various chart-topping hits such as “Can’t Feel My Face” and “Starboy.”

    When it comes to his love life, The Weeknd is no stranger to dating high profile celebrities. From models Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez to actors like Chantel Jeffries and Zoë Kravitz the elusive crooner has definitely been connected with some of show business’ hottest people! Who is the Weeknd currently dating though? Nobody knows for sure but there have been plenty of rumors about his potential leading ladies over the years.

    Who is the Weeknd Dating Now? – Discuss current relationship status of the Weeknd

    The Weeknd is currently dating supermodel Bella Hadid. After sparking romance rumors in April 2020, the couple was spotted out and about at various locations around the world, including dinner outings in Saint-Tropez, France, yacht rides in Italy and club hopping in Miami.

    Prior to his relationship with Hadid, The Weeknd dated model Selena Gomez from January 2017 to October 2017 and had an on-again/off-again relationship with ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid until April 2018. Since then he’s mostly kept a low profile regarding his romantic relationships.

    Despite the fact that their respective schedules make it difficult for them to be together all of the time, the couple’s romance has clearly been going strong lately! They can often be seen doing activities such as biking together or grabbing dinner together after shows. They are endearingly dubbed “Abelena” by fans due to their combination of former partners’ names.

    History Of The Weeknd’s Relationships – Give a timeline of past relationships and significant others

    The Weeknd has certainly had some high profile relationships in his life, many of them with singers or actresses well known in their own right. Here’s a brief journey through the history of The Weeknd’s relationships:

    • 2011-2012: He was rumored to be dating musician Bria Vinaite.

    • 2013-2014: He was briefly linked to Christina Milan and model Bella Hadid

    • 2015-2016: The Weeknd dated singer Selena Gomez for 10 months

    • 2017: He had an on-again, off-again relationship with Bella Hadid

    What is It Like Being In A Relationship With The Weeknd? – Cover opinions from past partners on how it feels to be in a relationship with such a famous figure

    Being in a relationship with The Weeknd is certainly not for the faint of heart! As a massive superstar, Abel Tesfaye has dated many high-profile women, but were they up for the challenge that comes with dating someone as famous as him?

    Former partners call it an intense rollercoaster ride full of paparazzi presence and a huge circle of followers. Even when you’re trying to keep things private, you can never get away from being in the spotlight with someone like The Weeknd.

    Past lovers also point out that even though he’s busy with his career, Abel makes time for his relationships and has proven to be dedicated and loyal to those he loves. There’s no denying that dating such a successful artist would be a thrill, but it would also require great sacrifice.

    Conclusion – Summarize key points and provide final thoughts

    The Weeknd is currently dating singer, Selena Gomez. They have been seen out together on numerous occasions and no signs of slowing down. The couple has yet to make any formal announcement about their relationship but from all the signs it appears to be a serious one.

    The Weeknd’s career and personal life tend to go hand in hand, influencing each other as he continues to rise in fame and develop in relationships. Over the course of his public life he’s been linked romantically with many different women and now it seems he has found someone special. With Selena Gomez by his side, we can expect great things from The Weeknd this year including potential music collaborations between them both!

    Regardless on where their relationship goes or how long they stay together, The Weeknd has once again proven himself as an able romantic partner and knowledgeable relationship negotiator. He manages his relationships with grace and respect while continuously achieving successes in his personal life and career alike; something that true admirers will always admire him for!