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  1. Tom Cruise is currently dating actress Hayley Atwell. The two were reported to have begun dating in April 2021, though the couple has yet to make a public announcement about their relationship. Their romance appears to be relatively new, as no photos of them together have surfaced online yet.

    Atwell is best known for her roles in Marvel movies such as Captain America: The First Avenger and Agent Carter, along with more recent television projects like Boston Legal and Howards End. She also starred in Christopher Robin and Mission Impossible: Fallout with Cruise back in 2018, leading some to speculate that the two co-stars could have become romantically involved around this time.

    While there hasn’t been an official confirmation of their relationship, Tom Cruise’s rep did confirm that he has been spending a lot of time with Hayley Atwell recently. It looks like fans may be getting an official announcement sometime soon!

    Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise is one of the most beloved and well-known celebrities in Hollywood. The mega-star has been lighting up the big screen for over three decades, appearing in hit movies such as ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Jerry McGuire’, ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. As an avid advocate for his faith (Cruise is a devoted follower of Scientology) he has been very vocal about his beliefs both on and off camera; often surprising people with his unbridled enthusiasm.

    When it comes to relationships, Tom Cruise has had a tumultuous love life as well. He has been married three times; first to Mimi Rogers in 1987, then Nicole Kidman in 1990, and Katie Holmes in 2006. In all cases, the marriages eventually ended in divorce – Tource currently isn’t married but rumors have abounded that he is currently dating actress Laura Prepon (famed for her role on Orange is the New Back). However, neither Cruise nor Prepon has officially confirmed their relationship yet.

    Background on Who Tom Cruise is Dating Now

    Tom Cruise is notoriously private about his personal life, but we do know that he has been dating actress and writer Hayley Bennett since 2017. The two were first photographed together during a trip to the United Kingdom, sparking rumors of a new relationship.

    The couple have kept their relationship very low-key, with few public appearances and even fewer statements made about their relationship. Regardless, it seems as if the pair are going strong as they’ve now been together for over three years.

    Additionally, it appears that Bennett also gets along well with Cruise’s kids from previous relationships; Isabella and Connor were spotted out on a dinner date with the couple in 2019. This could be an indication that the romance between Cruise and Bennett is still going strong!

    What Is Known About the Relationship

    Tom Cruise is currently in a relationship with actress Hayley Atwell. It’s been rumored that the two have been together since October 2019, although neither has confirmed the relationship.

    The couple are very private and haven’t publicly commented on their relationship. Rumors have speculated that they have kept things under wraps but have been seen often together in public and at events.

    The couple has an age difference of 27 years, with Cruise being 58 and Atwell being 31. Despite this, reports say their relationships seems to be going strong as they’ve attended several events and outings together throughout 2020. They were also spotted vacationing in Cabo San Lucas and enjoying vacations in different parts of Europe later that year.

    It appears they are still happily together and moving forward with their relationship as of January 2021.

    How the Relationship Began and Developed

    It’s no secret that Tom Cruise has had a string of high-profile relationships. Currently, it seems that the actor is dating American actress and known Scientologist, Hayley Atwell.

    Tom Cruise first met Hayley Atwell in 2013 while they were filming the movie Oblivion and sparks promptly flew between them. After some time apart due to their respective professional commitments, they reconnected and began dating officially in 2020. They have since been spotted on several public dates in Los Angeles and had fun together during a Hawaiian getaway in January 2021.

    Their relationship recently sparked more rumors when it was reported that he helped finance her move from London to Los Angeles so that they could be closer to one another. Clearly their bond runs deep!

    The pair generally keeps their romance low-key, but we could be seeing much more of them together soon. With Tom currently looking for a new home for he and his girlfriend Hayley, it looks like their relationship is here to stay!

    Why the Relationship Is Important for Both Individuals

    The relationship between Tom Cruise and his current girlfriend, Hayley Atwell, is very important for both individuals. It is public knowledge that Cruise has struggled with relationships – his divorce from Katie Holmes being the most visible example – so it’s a testament to his character that he was able to find such a stable companion.

    For Atwell, the relationship provides her with immense prestige and visibility from the media as she steps into “girlfriend” status alongside one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing actors. As such, she can take advantage of access to high-profile social events and even business opportunities that wouldn’t have likely been available to her before dating Cruise.

    Cruise and Atwell have similar values in terms of spirituality and faith, which helps them find common ground between their different backgrounds. This gives both individuals an anchor in their daily lives with which they can draw emotional support and comfort each other through life’s challenges. That bond alone is essential to maintaining a meaningful connection between two people over time.