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  1. Toni Braxton is currently dating filmmaker Birdman, who is an American rapper, record executive and entrepreneur. The couple has been together since 2016 and recently got engaged in May 2020. Prior to her relationship with Birdman, Toni was married to musician Keri Lewis from 2001 to 2013, with whom she shares two sons together – Denim and Diezel. She was also previously engaged to rapper/actorFleetwood Laurence for a short period of time in 2017.

    Introduction: Who is Toni Braxton and her dating history

    Toni Braxton is an American singer, songwriter and actress who has won seven Grammy Awards, nine Billboard Music Awards and five American Music Awards. She was first introduced to the music industry in 1993 with her debut album Toni Braxton and rose to fame with her multi-platinum albums Secrets (1996) and The Heat (2000).

    Braxton started dating music producer Keri Lewis in 2001 and they got engaged in April of that year. The couple eventually married on April 21, 2001, at St. John’s Cathedral in Miami but later split up in 2009 after eight years of marriage. From there, Braxton began dating Beverly Hills businessman Andre Carter but they ended their relationship in May 2011 after seven months together.

    In 2014 she started dating R&B singer Birdman which kicked off speculation that the two had gotten engaged based off social media photos. However, that turned out to be false and the rumors were soon put to rest when Birdman went on record stating that he does not plan on getting married any time soon. Currently Toni Braxton is said to still be single and focusing on music career much like she did before meeting Birdman.

    Findings: Recent report on who Toni Braxton is currently dating

    Recent reports have revealed that singer Toni Braxton is currently dating Birdman. The couple has been spotted around Los Angeles and Las Vegas holding hands, having dinner, and even recently shared a sweet post on Instagram with them seeming to confirm their relationship.

    Toni has also been very vocal in recent interviews about her feelings for Birdman. She has said multiple times that he brings out the best in her. Although the couple haven’t confirmed the rumors by directly speaking about it, there’s no doubt they are absolutely smitten with each other!

    Rumors of their relationship first began circulating back when Birdman was featured on Toni’s song ‘Heart Away.’ Ever since then, fans have wondered if there was something romantic between them. In fact, people were speculating they were together as early as October 2019 when they were once seen sharing a kiss at an event!

    Relationship Background: Brief overview of past relationships

    Toni Braxton is a seven-time Grammy Award winning artist. She has had a long and successful music career, but when it comes to relationships, she is just as lucky!

    Braxton has been linked to some high-profile celebrities such as rapper/producer Babyface, as well as actors Eddie Murphy and Taye Diggs. However, she eventually settled down with former stockbroker Keri Lewis in 2001. The pair have two sons together, Denim and Diezel. They separated after 11 years of marriage in 2013.

    In 2017, Toni was seen spending time with Birdman and the two were even seen holding hands at one point; however their romance fizzled out quickly afterwards. Most recently, in April 2020 Toni revealed that she is dating a mystery man but did not publicly disclose his identity. Therefore her current relationship status remains unknown.

    Breakdown of Current Partner: Detailed overview of current partner and relationship

    Toni Braxton is currently dating rapper Birdman, who is part of the Cash Money Records label. They made their relationship official in May 2016 and have even appeared alongside each other at various public events.

    Braxton recently opened up about her relationship with Birdman by saying “I’ve never been so happy” and that she was “in a really great place, despite what people might think.” This sentiment would suggest that things are going strong between the two of them!

    Braxton refers to telling her children about Birdman as an “intimidating process” but after talking it through, the family could not be more supportive or excited for the two. According to recent interview with Braxton and Birdman, there are no immediate plans for marriage but they definitely seem like a couple in love nonetheless!

    Conclusion: Summary of the article and future implications

    Toni Braxton is currently rumored to be dating retired NBA player Drew Gooden. She has not given any confirmation of the relationship and neither have her representatives. However, various sources have reported that she was seen hanging out with him several times in 2020 and 2021, which added fuel to the speculation that they may be dating.

    Despite their lack of confirmation, it is quite possible that Toni Braxton and Drew Gooden are indeed a couple. With her well-earned success as a singer and his career as an NBA Player, they could form a powerful team if they were officially together. Nevertheless, if they choose to keep their relationship more private than public then only time will tell if the rumors are true or false.