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  1. Vicki Gunvalson is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Steve Lodge. She recently recounted how they met in an interview with People magazine.

    In 2015, Gunvalson had posted about seeking “a great pool guy” on social media and Lodge saw it and responded that he could help her out. After several exchanges, the couple finally met in person and hit it off immediately!

    In June 2019, he proposed to her during their trip to Iceland and Gunvalson said yes. As of 2020, the pair are still happily together and enjoy going on romantic trips together as well as spending time with Vicki’s children and grandchildren.

    Introduction of Vicki Gunvalson

    Vicki Gunvalson is a reality TV star, featured in the popular Bravo series The Real Housewives of Orange County. She’s currently a single mother with two children, but she’s been involved in some high-profile relationships over the years!

    Gunvalson has had an interesting dating life. A few years ago, she got engaged to her former boyfriend Steve Lodge but the couple never made it down the aisle. She also had a tumultuous relationship with Brooks Ayers, which ended shortly after their on-again-off-again relationship evolved into allegations of fraud and abuse.

    Currently, Vicki is single and hasn’t disclosed who she is dating (if anyone). That said, there are rumors swirling around that she might be seeing someone new. Fans are eager to find out if this rumor is true – stay tuned for updates!

    History of her relationship

    Vicki Gunvalson first began dating Steve Lodge in April 2018. The two were spotted out together and a source told PEOPLE magazine, “He makes her so happy, and she’s very excited about their relationship.” Since then, the two have been inseparable.

    The pair moved in together in October 2019. They both weighed in the decision and settled on splitting their time between Gunvalson’s Coto de Caza home where they spend weekends and at Lodge’s Huntington Beach pad during the week.

    Gunvalson has always had kind words to say about her beau as well. She told Us Weekly that Steve “just makes me happy every single day; he is supportive of all decisions I make in my business life as well my personal life, and I just feel grateful for his everlasting love for me.”

    Information about her current partner

    Vicki Gunvalson is very much in love with her current partner, Steve Lodge. Steve is a retired city manager from Los Angeles and he and Vicki have been together since 2018. He’s known for having a positive outlook on life and being compassionate.

    The couple has taken their relationship to the next level, traveling to Thailand for a romantic getaway over the holidays in 2019. From exploring the sights in Bangkok to touring many of its stunning temples, it looks like these two share a passion for life!

    Not only do they enjoy each other’s company, but they also make time to support each other’s passions and interests. On Vicki’s social media accounts, you can see her supporting Steve when he participates in charity causes or celebrate his successes as an executive coach. It’s obvious that these two are madly in love and committed to making a beautiful life together!

    Background information on the new relationship

    Vicki Gunvalson is currently in a relationship with Steve Lodge. The two met in 2016 and began dating shortly after.

    Steve Lodge had been a Coto de Caza city council member since 2004, but he resigned from his post on June 9, 2017 when it became public that he was dating Vicki. In November 2018, the couple announced their engagement!

    Since then, they have shared quite a few sweet moments on social media, including vacation trips and romantic dates. They also often attend community events around Orange County together; Steve even made an appearance at the 2019 RHOC reunion special to support Vicki.

    It’s safe to say that although their relationship has seen some bumps along the way, they are now happily engaged and looking forward to marriage!

    Public response to the new relationship

    When news first spread that Vicki Gunvalson was in a new relationship with Steve Lodge, the public’s response was a mix of shock and glee. On social media, commenters speculated about the couple’s age gap and rushed to congratulate them on finding love in their later years.

    Some critics pointed out that Vicki had only recently ended her engagement with Jack Lodge, but others praised the couple for taking a chance on finding true love at an older age. Many fans simply said they were excited to see Vicki happy again after so much heartbreak.

    The initial public reception has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive, which is nice to see considering all of the cruel gossip and criticism Vicki has been subjected to throughout her time on television. Hopefully this new relationship will be filled with nothing but joy for both Vicki and Steve!

    Conclusion and thoughts on the future between them

    The future between Vicki Gunvalson and Steve Lodge looks promising as the two have made time to reconnect. We can expect to see more of them together in the future, with social media posts confirming that this couple is still going strong. Even if their relationship might not be quite so public tomorrow, it appears that for now, they are very much together and enjoying each other’s company.

    It seems like even after all these years, Vicki Gunvalson and Steve Lodge still make a great couple. They’ve been through a lot in the past few months but seem stronger than ever before. With both expressing their love openly on social media and planning for more public outings in the near future, it’s clear that this relationship has staying power and could potentially last for many years to come!