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  1. At the time of writing this article, Wendy Williams is currently dating medical sales executive Marc Tomblin. The two were first spotted together in June 2019 at a party in New York City, and subsequently seen together publicly many times afterward.

    According to various reports, Tomblin is Williams’ much younger boyfriend and manager. He has been seen leaving her house many times but as for their relationship status, that remains unknown. Being private about her personal life, Williams hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

    In October 2017, Williams filed for divorce from her ex-husband Kevin Hunter after two decades of marriage citing irreconcilable differences. This sparked rumours of her dating the mysterious man referred to as ‘friend’ on several occasions by the celebrity talk show host throughout 2018-2019.

    Williams has also been spotted with another new companion – fitness instructor Joe Pags – raising more questions about who Wendy is actually seeing right now.

    Introduction: Who is Wendy Williams?

    Wendy Williams is a famous American media personality and talk show host. She is widely known for her popular show on the Fox Broadcasting Company, The Wendy Williams Show. She has won numerous awards including a BET Award and an Emmy Award.

    Along with her success in hosting her own TV show, she is also well-known for her outspokenness, as well as being open about her personal life – which includes dating. Wendy Williams has been dating multiple people over the years, from actors to business moguls to athletes. Her current relationship status remains unclear, but many believe that she is currently in a relationship; the question remains: who is Wendy Williams dating? Millions of fans around the world eagerly await the answer to this mystery.

    The Background of Wendy Williams’ dating life

    Wendy Williams is an iconic media personality and has been in the public eye for decades. Her dating life has been just as public, and she’s certainly had her fair share of drama on the subject. So, who is Wendy Williams dating now?

    Williams has been married twice before. She first tied the knot with Robert Morris III in 1997 and the pair divorced a few years later. After that, she married Kevin Hunter, her second husband in 2010. They maintained a stable marriage until 2019 when she revealed they were divorcing due to his infidelity. Williams is currently single but there have been rumors about whom she was dating before their separation including private investigator Dominic Friese..

    We can learn from Wendy’s past relationships and take note of how open she’s chosen to be about them throughout her career. Despite all of the relationship drama, it looks like Wendy is content with staying single for now – at least until she meets someone special!

    Who is Wendy Williams Dating Now?

    Wendy Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter, split in April 2019 after nearly 22 years of marriage. Although there have been rumors of Wendy dating other men since the breakup, she hasn’t made any official announcements regarding her current relationship status.

    The biggest question on everyone’s mind right now is: Who is Wendy Williams dating now? Unfortunately, it appears that the answer might be no one at this point in time. While there were rumors last year about Wendy being linked to Marc Tomblin, a fitness trainer from Los Angeles, she has not publicly confirmed those rumors and it doesn’t appear as though they are still an item.

    Despite not having a steady partner at the moment, Wendy certainly seems to be thriving. Her career continues to grow, and she recently launched her own lifestyle line called “Wendy Williams: The Collection.” She also created a hit podcast called “The Wendy Williams Show” where fans can tune into hear expert advice about health & beauty, relationships and more!

    Details about Wendy Williams’ current partner

    Wendy Williams is currently dating Marc Tomblin, a convicted felon from South Carolina. The two were reportedly dating since early 2019 and were spotted vacationing together in Florida in 2019.

    Marc serves as Wendy’s manager and has been with her for some time. He was previously convicted of burglary and larceny back in 2012. Since then, he has been trying to turn his life around and get back on track.

    He is an entrepreneur who works as a sound mixer, music engineer, and promotions specialist. He also owns his own clothing line called “EnGhosted” which looks to capture the essence of streetwear and hip hop culture.

    He runs Wendy’s Twitter account, helps out with business dealings, and generally takes care of any issue that pops up on the set of The Wendy Williams Show. Overall, it seems like the two are doing quite well together!

    How has Wendy Williams’ current partner impacted her life in a positive way?

    Wendy Williams’ current partner, Marc Tomblin, has been an important part of her life since they first started dating in July 2019. He has shown her countless acts of kindness and love, helping to lift up Wendy’s spirits during difficult times.

    For example, after Wendy suffered a scary episode while filming an episode of her show in February 2020, Marc was there to help care for her and give emotional support. In addition, he has been by her side during some of the biggest events in Wendy’s career over the past year or so; such as her hosting the 2019 “WE Day” event and even attending the opening night of “Waitress: The Musical” with 29-year old self!

    Marc is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why Wendy is feeling more positive than ever before and his presence in her life has honestly been a blessing. He encourages her to push further beyond her goals and always sticks by her side through tough times. Their relationship is undeniably strong, reminding us all that we can rise after going through hard times!