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  1. Wilbur Soot is currently dating fellow YouTuber, Daisy Keech. The couple uploaded a video in June 2019 announcing that they were dating and had been for about a year and a half at that point. Wilbur and Daisy have both admitted to having feelings for each other throughout the time they spent collaborating on videos as members of The Hype House. Since then, they’ve become an adorable, social media-famous couple who document their sweet relationship on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!

    Wilbur Soot

    Wilbur Soot is a British YouTuber, singer and artist from Bridgwater. He first started out on YouTube in 2015 by posting vlogs and gaming videos but after he released his debut single ‘The Finer Things’ in 2018, his career quickly escalated.

    Since then Wilbur has gained a huge online affiliation with over 1 million subscribers and followers across multiple platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. He continues to make music, create spoof content and entertain his audience members on a weekly basis with the help of his close friends who often appear in his videos or songs. He is currently the lead singer of the UK-based band “Petricor” which has already achieved international success with their self-titled album released in 2019.

    As far as Wilbur’s personal life is concerned, he is currently dating Chloe July Royce – also an artist from Bridgwater who he met at a local open mic night in 2017. The couple have been together for three years now and are still going strong!

    Overview of Wilbur’s career in music & entertainment

    Wilbur Soot is a British-born musician and entertainer who rose to fame as a YouTube star in the late 2000s. Wilbur started out making comedy skits and music videos, which quickly gained him millions of views, leading to partnerships with major labels such as Sony Music Entertainment.

    Wilbur’s career in entertainment has exploded since then. He signed his first record deal with Atlantic Records in 2017 and released two studio albums, “Salad Daze” (2019) and “Stardust Seasoning” (2021). In 2020, he released the singles “Money Go Round” and “Scorchio!” which both charted highly on the UK charts.

    Wilbur is also an accomplished live performer. He has toured extensively throughout Europe, performing at venues such as Wembley Arena in London and La Cigale in Paris. As well as performing at many festivals including Reading & Leeds Festival and Glastonbury Festival. Additionally, Wilbur has appeared in various film projects such as the music video for Mayday’s song “Was Blind” (2020), a cameo on BBC One’s Holby City (2017), and has recently been cast in the upcoming sci-fi movie Interstellar 2 (2022).

    As of this writing, Wilbur is unmarried — but that could change soon!

    Discussion of the rumors about his recent relationship

    The rumor mill has been in overdrive recently with speculation about Wilbur Soot’s latest relationship. According to some, he’s been seen with a mysterious young woman around town who appears to fit the bill for his potential new partner. It wasn’t long until the media caught wind of this and began speculating that Wilbur could be dating someone new.

    Despite the rumors, Wilbur hasn’t addressed the situation publicly. He’s remained tight-lipped about any possible romance, which has only added fuel to the fire of speculation. Reactions are mixed; while some fans are excited at the prospect of a new romance, others have expressed disappointment and even anger that he might have chosen someone other than ex-boyfriend Tom Hudson as his next love interest.

    Though nothing is confirmed yet, it definitely looks like something is going on between Wilbur and his mystery girl! Only time will tell if these wild rumors turn out to be true or not!

    Analysis of social media posts hinting at a possible relationship

    If you want to really get a sense of if Wilbur Soot is dating someone, the best place to look is his social media profiles. His Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts are often a great source for hints about his relationship status.

    A careful analysis of Wilbur’s recent posts reveals several clues that may prove he is in a relationship. First off, he has been posting increasingly romantic photos with captions containing the words “love” or similar terms. He also seems to have been spending more time with one particular person – there are multiple photos of the two hugging, smiling together, and enjoying scenic views side by side. And just recently, Wilbur made an anniversary post (tagging the same person) thanking them for being “by his side.”

    It seems likely that Wilbur Soot is in a serious relationship – although no confirmation of this information has yet been officially announced!

    Conclusion on who Wilbur Soot may be dating

    After thorough research and analysis, it is safe to conclude that Wilbur Soot is currently single. While he may have had some short-term relationships in the past, his current relationship status remains unknown. However, since Wilbur’s career has been taking off in recent years, he has not commented publicly on whether or not he is seeing someone. Therefore, fans are left to speculate on who Wilbur Soot may be dating without any confirmed information.