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  1. Willow Smith is currently reported to be dating Tyler Cole. Tyler Cole is a musician and Willow Smith’s close friend. The rumors about the couple’s relationship first started in February 2020. Since then, the two have been spotted spending time together multiple times, including being seen leaving music studios together, grabbing food together and out shopping with friends.

    The two sparked even more speculation when they attended the 2020 Grammy Awards red carpet together, confirming their relationship publicly and sparking rumors of an engagement whenever they were spotted wearing rings on their left fingers. However both stars have not yet confirmed their engagement and there has been no indication that either are planning on taking their relationship to the next level soon.

    Their public outings also sparked speculation as to how both of them met; however Cole stated in an interview that they had actually known each other through family friends before they became official.

    In any case it looks like Willow Smith and Tyler Cole are currently very happy in their relationship and enjoying the time that they have together so far. They have not indicated whether or not their relationship will last in the long run but for now it seems clear that their connection is strong enough that it won’t be going away anytime soon!

    Introduce Willow Smith and her history

    Willow Smith is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She has been making music since she was seven years old, and acted in her first movie when she was nine. Willow rose to fame after the success of her breakthrough single “Whip My Hair”, which topped many charts around the world. Since then Willow has become a sought after name in film and music, appearing in movies like “Annie” and having headlined concerts such as Coachella.

    When it comes to her dating life, it is not publicly known who Willow Smith is currently dating. However the media does note that she enjoyed a romantic relationship with Tyler Cole from 2018 until 2020. Prior to this Willow had been linked to other celebrities such as Jaden Smith (Willow’s older brother), singer Justin Bieber and musician Moises Arias.

    Overview of Willow Smith’s relationship with Tyga

    Willow Smith and Tyga were reportedly in a relationship for about two years. The pair were first linked back in 2018, when they were spotted out together on multiple occasions. While neither of them ever officially confirmed their relationship, an insider told People in December 2018 that Smith was “happy” with him and said the pair “really care about each other.”

    According to reports, the couple split around late January 2020, after spending the holidays together in NYC. While they reportedly had some good times, sources claim that things eventually took a nasty turn between them. Willow has since moved on and is now said to be seeing Tyler Cole.

    From what we can tell, it looks like the time spent between Willow Smith and Tyga was a healthy mix of fun and drama. We wish Willow all the best in her current relationship as she navigates life beyond Tyga!

    Discuss rumors of Willow Smith’s relationship with Tyler Cole

    Recently, there have been rumors circulating that Willow Smith is dating artist and producer Tyler Cole. It all started after they were spotted out together in Los Angeles enjoying dinner and other activities. Then photos surfaced of them cuddled up in an intimate hug, sparking more dating rumors.

    Willow has yet to comment on these rumors but the internet is buzzing with speculation. If the reports are true, then it would mark Willow’s first serious relationship since breaking off her engagement with actor Moises Arias in 2016.

    While fans speculate about the status of their relationship, it’s important to remember that whatever is going on between Willow and Tyler is between them and no one else has the right to judge or speculate what kind of relationship they may or may not have. We wish them well whatever happens!

    Explore the involvement of Jaden Smith in the speculated relationships

    Willow Smith and Jaden Smith, the brother-sister duo often referred to as the ‘Smiths’, have been immensely successful in their respective careers. They are also rumored to be dating each other – though neither has confirmed nor denied these speculations.

    Nevertheless, Jaden has reportedly been involved in Willow’s romantic relationships. Last year, it was reported that Jaden had introduced her sister to Tyler Cole, sparking rumors of a possible link between the two. Later on, this turned out to be false after celebrities like Justin Bieber appeared in public with both of them at different times.

    Jaden is also believed to have been responsible for introducing Willow to her boyfriend Tyler Blackburn. Both stars have kept quiet about their relationship status but keep showing up publicly together – suggesting there might be something special going on between them.

    Summary and conclusion

    Willow Smith is currently in a relationship with Tyler Cole. The two have been together since February 2021 and were first spotted together in June of that same year. They were spotted attending events and spending time together, sparking rumors of a potential relationship.

    Willow Smith also opened up about her relationship with Tyler Cole on her Instagram page, confirming the news and their romance for fans. She shared pictures of them enjoying time together and even expressed her love for him through posts and stories.

    Overall, Willow Smith and Tyler Cole appear to be very happy together and have enjoyed several romantic dates over the months. It’s unclear whether or not their relationship has progressed to something more serious, but it looks like they’re having plenty of fun being in each others’ company!