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  1. Singer, actress, and fashion icon Zendaya is currently dating actor Jacob Elordi. The two were spotted out together for the first time in June 2020 and officially debuted their relationship at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

    Elordi is from Australia and is best known for his roles in Netflix’s Kissing Booth as well as HBO’s Euphoria.

    In a recent interview with Harpers Bazaar magazine, Zendaya talked about her relationship saying, “He’s just very considerate of other peoples’ feelings. I think that’s really important — to have somebody who can communicate like an adult no matter what age they are. That has been a really interesting thing to experience… We’re both doing our own things right now; it’s nice we get to support each other through that.”

    The couple seem content to take things slow and enjoy this special time together despite their busy schedules but given how much love they’re getting from fans across the internet – only time will tell if this young Hollywood pair turns into something more long term.

    Zendaya and her career

    Zendaya is a singer, actor, and dancer that has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the world. She achieved fame in her early teens and went on to become a leading figure in children’s entertainment who also starred in films such as Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman.

    As for romance, Zendaya has had two high-profile relationships—actor Tom Holland from 2017 until the summer of 2019, and Jacob Elordi from 2019 until late 2020. Her music has become just as successful as her acting career with many hit singles such as “Replay”, “Scream”, and “Something New”. She is considered one of today’s most powerful female celebrities.

    Discuss her current rumored relationship

    Zendaya is currently rumored to be dating actor Jacob Elordi. The two reportedly met on the set of their movie, The Kissing Booth 2, and have been secretly dating since then.

    Although neither Zendaya nor Jacob have confirmed their relationship publicly, the couple has sparked more than a few rumors after being seen together at various events over the past few months. They were even spotted sharing an intimate kiss on a beach in Hawaii!

    On top of that, both stars have also been keeping fans updated with each other’s latest whereabouts through their Instagram stories. In one post, Zendaya even shared a picture of herself with Jacob while they explored a beach in Hawaii.

    If the rumors are true, it seems like these two are having some fun together!

    Exploring other relationships Zendaya has had in the past

    Zendaya has had other relationships that have been in the public spotlight. She dated actor/singer Trevor Jackson from 2013 to 2015, and was linked to NBA star James Harden shortly after.

    In 2018, she was seen getting cozy with rapper Drake at a concert, which created quite a stir. As of 2020, however, Zendaya appears to be single. Fans have speculated that her close friendship with Tom Holland is actually more than just a platonic relationship.

    Despite being relatively private about her personal life, it seems clear that Zendaya has had some interesting experiences in love! No matter who she ends up with in the end, fans can take comfort in knowing that they will get to see a part of herself through what she chooses to share on social media or tv shows.

    Media speculation regarding Zendaya’s love life

    Media speculation about Zendaya’s love life has been running rampant ever since she hit the scene as an actress and singer. While the star officially remains single, fans can’t help but wonder who she might be dating!

    Throughout the years, Zendaya has had a few rumored relationships with some of Hollywood’s hottest young stars, such as Tom Holland and Jacob Elordi. However, no confirmations were ever given and these kinds of rumors are pretty common in show business so take all of this with a grain of salt.

    In reality, we don’t know if Zendaya is interested in being in a relationship or not. She tends to keep her personal life private and out of public view which is completely understandable. At the end of the day, it is up to her to decide who she gives her heart to and when the time comes we will all just have to wait and see what happens!

    How the public speculate who she is actually dating

    The public has been speculating about who exactly Zendaya is dating for years. First there were the rumors that she was dating her Spiderman costar Tom Holland, then there was speculation that she was romantically linked to Jacob Elordi. Recently, Twitter has debated the romance between Zendaya and her Euphoria co-star Johnathon Newdick. While Zendaya has neither confirmed or denied any of these relationships, fans continue to make educated guesses online.

    Some suggest that Zendaya is deliberately keeping her romantic life private, while others point to subtle hints she drops in song lyrics and interviews as a way of “confirming” her reported relationship status. For example, when asked about her views on fame and privacy in a 2018 radio interview with Beats 1 Radio host Ebro Darden, Zendaya cryptically said: “I don’t know if I its because it just happened to me recently or what…but I kind of realized that its okay to keep certain things…like…private?”

    More recently some fans believe Zendaya’s songs “Parachute” and “Only You” are allusions to either Elordi or Newdick respectively. It’s up to the public – herself included- to figure out the answer in due time.