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  1. Princess Diana was dating Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan at the time of her death in 1997. The two had a very close relationship, which both kept private. Hasnat Khan visited the Princess before she departed for her fateful trip to Paris, and he attended her funeral. They were together for two years prior to her passing away.

    Introduction of Princess Diana and her legacy in the Royal Family

    Princess Diana was a beloved member of the British Royal Family. She was a people’s princess, adored around the world for her beauty and courage. As a humanitarian, she championed causes like poverty, HIV/AIDS awareness, and landmines. Her legacy still lives on in the Royal Family and around the world.

    But before all of that, Princess Diana was actually married to Prince Charles. They got married in 1981 and had two children: Prince William and Prince Harry. The couple eventually divorced in 1996; however, throughout their marriage and afterward, Princess Diana wasn’t without love or companionship.

    At the time of her death in 1997, Princess Diana had been dating Dodi Fayed, with whom she’d gone on holiday prior to her passing. She unfortunately didn’t get to marry him due to her untimely death but they will forever be linked in history as one of the most iconic couples ever!

    Overview of who Princess Diana was dating when she died

    When Princess Diana passed away in 1997, she had been dating surgeon Hasnat Khan for two years. They had first met in 1995 at Royal Brompton Hospital and were described as a couple very much in love. Despite the fact that Khan was only a few years younger than Diana and had no royal background, it was reported that her two sons Prince William and Prince Harry liked him very much.

    Shortly before Diana’s death, she began dating Pakistan-born billionaire business tycoon Dodi Fayed. It is believed that they became engaged shortly before their tragic deaths on August 31, 1997. The couple died when the car they were riding in crashed in Paris as it tried to elude paparazzi chasing them.

    Details of how Diana and her partner met

    Princess Diana and her partner, Dodi Fayed, first met in July 1997. Fayed had been invited to Princess Diana’s friend Lady Sarah’s summer party at the Spencer estate in Althorp. It was at this event that Dodi and Diana first exchanged words and instantly hit it off.

    The pair continued to see each other over the summer and were seen having dinner together in a restaurant in St Tropez soon after. Over the following weeks Prince Diana had taken various holidays on Fayed’s yacht and regularly sailed around the Mediterranean Sea.

    Diana even took her sons for an August holiday aboard his yacht, where all four were photographed laughing together in the evening sun. It was clear to those who saw them, that the two shared a strong connection from their very first meeting.

    What their relationship was like and how long it lasted

    Princess Diana was dating Dodi Fayed when she died. Their relationship spanned just two months, with the pair beginning their romance in July 1997. While it was a relatively short-lived romance, it was intense—the two were described as deeply in love. News of the couple’s relationship caused quite a stir at the time; Dodi had previously dated Princess Diana’s sister, Sarah Ferguson back in 1985.

    In the short time they spent together, the couple enjoyed exotic trips, romantic dinners and private jets. They even took an extended trip to France on August 30th, shortly before Diana’s passing.

    During that period in her life Princess Diana felt incredibly happy, according to friends and people close to her. It seemed that she had finally found someone who understood her need for freedom and independence; Dodi respected and cherished her in equal measure.

    The events that led up to and surrounded Diana’s death

    In the summer of 1997, Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed began a relationship. During the night of August 31, they took off in a driver-chauffeured car to visit Dodi’s Paris apartment. However, the paparazzi were swarming at their location, so they decided to switch cars and head back to their hotel.

    At 12:23 am on August 31, 1997, their driver attempted to outrun photographers when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into one of the walls surrounding the Pont de l’Alma tunnel. Princess Diana, unfortunately, died on impact due to internal hemorrhaging. Two bodyguards and her lover also died in the crash.

    Due to press suspicions that their deaths were part of a murder plot involving the British royal family or high-ranking members from French intelligence services – a claim which has never been proven – over two billion people watched her funeral on television.

    Legacy of Princess Diana in terms of love and relationships

    The legacy of Princess Diana in terms of love and relationships was strong, even after her untimely passing. It’s said that people around the world were very touched by her grace, courage, and compassion, especially when it came to relationships with those she loved.

    She was the type of woman who knew herself and what she deserved in a partner – she didn’t accept anything less than the kind of respect, care, and devotion that comes from a loving relationship.

    Even when it came to difficult conversations or disagreements, Princess Diana showed us all how to handle them with a level of kindness and understanding that made her one of the most beloved people in British history.

    When Princess Diana died on August 31st 1997 at age 36 from an automobile accident, many people were devastated- not only because they had lost their beloved princess- but because they had lost an inspiring figure for how two people in love are supposed to be with each other.