Why are married men attracted to other women?


Why are married men attracted to other women? will be greatfull for any inforation

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  1. Married men are attracted to single women because they want to cheat. They don’t care about the consequences. Married men are not interested in getting caught. That’s why they look for younger women. Younger women are easier to manipulate. They are naive and gullible.

    They also tend to be less experienced sexually which makes them vulnerable to being taken advantage of. A lot of times, older women are just looking for a sugar daddy.

    If you’re a young woman, stay away from married men. They’re dangerous. Don’t trust them.

    Married Men Are Attracted To Other Women Because They’re Insecure About Their Marriage

    Studies show that married men who cheat are insecure about their marriage.

    They feel inadequate because they aren’t living up to expectations. They believe that their wives would be happier with another man. And they worry that their wife may leave them if she finds out.

    This insecurity causes them to seek sexual gratification elsewhere. So when they meet attractive single women, they become sexually aroused.

    But this isn’t just a problem for married men. Single men are also vulnerable to cheating.

    If you’re a woman looking for a relationship, avoid married men at all costs. Don’t date them, marry them, or even work with them.

    Instead, go after younger, healthier men who are free of emotional baggage. These guys won’t be tempted by other women.

    Marriages Don’t Last Forever

    There are many reasons why marriages end. Some couples simply grow apart over time. Others divorce because of infidelity, abuse, or financial problems. But there are some common causes that lead to failed relationships.

    One reason marriages fail is when partners become too focused on themselves. They forget to put each other first. This leads to resentment and hurt feelings, which eventually cause them to drift apart.

    Another reason marriages fail is when couples stop communicating. Couples who communicate well tend to stay together longer than those who don’t.

    Communication is important because it helps keep couples connected. Without communication, couples lose touch with each other and begin to feel isolated.

    When this happens, they may find themselves drifting apart. And when they do, they’re more likely to break up.

    You Can Be Single And Happy

    Married men who cheat on their wives are not happy. They’re unhappy because they’ve chosen to be single instead of being faithful to their wife.

    If you’re single and looking for love, there’s no reason to settle for second best when you can find true happiness with another woman.

    There are many reasons why married men cheat on their wives. Some of them include:

    * Financial issues – Married men often feel trapped financially. Their wives may work outside the home while he stays at home raising children. He feels his family needs him to support them financially.

    * Physical attraction – Men are visual creatures. They need to see a beautiful face every day.

    * Loneliness – Many men feel lonely when their wives are away working. They long for companionship.

    * Desire to explore – Married men sometimes crave adventure. They want to experience new things and try new experiences.

    * Fear of commitment – Married men fear committing to a relationship. They worry that if they commit to marriage, their wives will leave them.

    * Lack of self confidence – Many men lack self confidence. They believe they aren’t attractive enough to attract a woman.

    * Low self esteem – Many men suffer from low self esteem. They feel inadequate and insecure.

    * Unfulfilled dreams – Married men sometimes dream of having sex with other women. This desire leads them to seek out affairs.

    * Alcoholism – Married men who drink too much alcohol become depressed and lose interest in sex. They begin to fantasize about other women.


    But… there’s no reason to be jealous of your wife’s friends. They’re just her friends. And she loves them. She doesn’t need to share them with you. So stop being a jerk and let go of your jealousy.

    Jealousy is a terrible emotion. It makes you feel bad and causes problems in your relationships. Jealousy is a sign of insecurity and lack of self-esteem. It’s not healthy.

    If you find yourself feeling jealous, ask yourself these questions:

    • Am I happy with my relationship?

    • Do I trust my partner?

    • Is he/she treating me well?

    • Does he/she care about me?

    • Are we having fun together?

    • Do I respect him/her?

    • Do I admire his/her achievements?

    • Does he or she inspire me?

    • Do I feel loved?


    It turns out that many married men who cheat on their wives are insecure about their marriages. This insecurity leads them to seek sexual gratification elsewhere, which explains why they’re drawn to other women.