Why do guys call girls cougars?


Why do guys call girls cougars? looking forward to your oppinion

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  1. Cougars are older ladies who date younger men. They usually start off as friends and gradually become lovers. Cougar relationships tend to be very passionate and exclusive. There are many benefits of being in a cougar relationship. Here are some reasons why you should consider dating a cougar.

    1) She knows exactly what she wants

    A cougar knows her body inside and out. She knows what she needs and what she wants. Most importantly, she knows what she likes and dislikes. These traits help her to attract a younger man and keep him interested in her.

    2) She is financially stable

    She has money to spend on herself. She also has enough money to support a young man. A cougar can afford to buy gifts for her lover and take him out to expensive restaurants.

    3) She is mature

    As mentioned earlier, cougars know themselves. They don’t need to rely on others to tell them about themselves. They are not afraid to show their true colors.

    4) She is experienced

    Most cougars are married at least once. They have had multiple partners and learned valuable lessons along the way. They know which qualities to look for in a potential mate.

    5) She is confident

    When a cougar meets a younger man, she feels confident. She knows she is beautiful and attractive. She knows she can easily seduce a younger man.

    The History of the Term “Cougar”

    The term “cougar” was coined in the early 1980s when women were beginning to enter the workforce in large numbers. The term was used to describe older, successful career women who dated younger men.

    Women over 40 years old became known as “cougars.” Men over 50 years old became known as “silver foxes” because of their silver hair.

    Today, the term “cougar dating” refers to relationships between older men and younger women. The term “cougar hunting” is slang for seeking out younger women.

    While many older men find younger women attractive, some older men feel threatened by them. This is especially true for older men who are married or living with a partner. Some older men fear being replaced by younger men. Others may be concerned about losing control of their lives.

    Whatever the reason, older men often try to avoid younger women. They may use humor to deflect attention away from themselves. Or they may simply ignore younger women altogether.

    Regardless of whether they’re trying to hide their feelings or not, older men should understand that younger women aren’t necessarily interested in them. Younger women tend to date men closer to their own age. And younger women prefer partners who are more mature than they are.

    This doesn’t mean that older men shouldn’t pursue younger women. But they need to approach these relationships differently than they would any other relationship. Older men must learn to accept the fact that younger women won’t automatically fall at their feet.

    Older men should also realize that younger women are attracted to older men for reasons beyond looks alone. Young women are looking for men who are emotionally stable, financially secure, and well established in life.

    These qualities are important to young women because they help ensure that older men will continue to support her throughout her lifetime.

    Younger women are also attracted to older men because they offer stability and security. Many young women believe that older men are wiser and more experienced. These traits give older men credibility and respectability.

    Finally, younger women are attracted to men who seem more mature. Mature men appear more responsible and reliable than immature men.

    Older men who wish to attract younger women should take steps to demonstrate maturity and responsibility. They should be willing to work hard to achieve financial independence. They should also show interest in helping others and making positive contributions to society.

    A Cougar’s Characteristics

    Cougars are beautiful women who are older than most men. They’re typically between 35 and 50 years old.

    They may be single, divorced, widowed, or married. Some are career women, others stay home raising children. Most are attractive, independent, self-sufficient, and confident.

    They’re not necessarily rich, although some are wealthy. They may be petite, tall, short, thin, heavy, athletic, or sedentary.

    Some are smart, some are dumb. Some are funny, some are serious. Some are outgoing, some are shy. Some are sweet, some are mean.

    Most are successful, some are failures. Some are happy, some are sad. Some are lonely, some are popular.

    They’re just like us. So when you meet a woman who fits this description, don’t automatically assume she wants to date you. She may simply be looking for companionship, friendship, or sex.

    If you’re interested in dating a cougar, here are some tips to help you find her:

    1) Be patient. Don’t expect to meet a cougar at a bar or club. She doesn’t hang out there. Instead, she’ll be busy working, volunteering, playing sports, reading books, watching movies, going to church, or taking care of family members.

    2) Look online. There are many websites where cougars post ads seeking dates.

    3) Ask friends. Friends of cougars often know them well enough to introduce you.

    4) Join a social media site. Many cougars use these sites to connect with other cougars.

    5) Use apps. Apps like Tinder allow you to search for local cougars based on location.

    Are You a Cougar?

    Cougars are women who date younger men. They’re often called “cougars” because they were originally wild cats that lived in the mountains and ate deer. Today, cougars live in cities and suburbs where they hunt for younger men.

    They’re usually older than 30 years old, but some are still young enough to be considered children. The term “cougar” was coined in the 1970s when women began dating younger men.

    Many women consider themselves cougars, but not all of them actually go out looking for younger men. Some just happen to find themselves attracted to younger men.

    If you’re interested in learning more about cougars, there are many websites devoted to this topic. Here are two great resources:


    What does this mean for men who call women cougars? And why do some men call women cougars? We’ll look into these questions and more!