Why do I keep getting hookup texts?


Why do I keep getting hookup texts? looking forward to your answers

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  1. You’re not alone. People often ask me why they keep receiving text messages from people they don’t want to talk to anymore. There are several reasons why this happens.

    First, let’s look at the reason why people start texting you in the first place. Many times, they simply wanted to chat with you because they were interested in talking to you. They might have thought you looked cute, or maybe they just wanted to share something interesting about themselves. Either way, they weren’t trying to hit on you.

    Second, many people assume that because you’re online looking for dates, you must also be seeking casual encounters. But that isn’t always true. Sometimes people are just curious about others. And finally, some people may actually believe that you’re interested in them.

    So what should you do if you receive unwanted text messages? Here are some tips to help you avoid being harassed by random strangers.

    1) Don’t give out personal information.

    If someone asks for your phone number, email address, or Facebook profile, politely decline. Even if he seems sweet, his intentions aren’t necessarily good. He could be a stalker or a spammer. Or worse yet, he could be a criminal.

    2) Block him.

    If you receive unsolicited messages from someone you don’t know, block him. That way, you won’t accidentally communicate with him again.

    3) Delete his contact info.
    Why do I keep getting hookup texts?

    Delete his name, phone number, and email address from your contacts list. This will stop anyone else from contacting him.

    4) Report him to the police.

    Are you being ghosted?

    Ghosting happens when a guy doesn’t call back after he says he wants to hang out. Ghosting is rude and disrespectful.
    Why do I keep getting hookup texts?

    If you’re receiving unwanted messages from guys who aren’t calling you back, you may be ghosted. This means that these men are not interested in having a relationship with you. They just wanted to use you for sex.

    To avoid this situation, here are some tips:

    1) Don’t send too many messages at once.

    2) Ask yourself whether the person is worth your time.

    3) Be honest with yourself. Are you attracted to him? Do you feel comfortable talking to him? Does he seem like a decent guy?

    4) Keep your expectations realistic.

    5) Give yourself permission to say no.

    6) Remember that you deserve respect.

    7) Have faith in yourself.

    8) Know that there are plenty of great guys out there waiting for you.

    9) And finally, never give up hope. There are still great guys out there for you.

    Is he/she trying to play hard to get?

    If you’re receiving a lot of hookup texts, there may be a reason. Maybe your guy is playing hard to get. He wants to give you some space and let you come to him. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to commit right now. Either way, it’s not a bad idea to take a break and give yourself some breathing room.

    When you feel ready to move forward again, send him a friendly text letting him know you’d like to meet up. Then, when you two are feeling comfortable enough to date, go out on a real date.

    Does she seem like a stalker?

    If you’re receiving unwanted messages from a woman who seems too interested in you, there may be a reason. She may just be trying to help you out.

    However, if she keeps sending you messages after you’ve told her no, she may be a stalker. Stalkers often send hundreds of messages over weeks or months, hoping to catch you off guard. They may try to befriend you online or through social media, and then ask personal questions.

    They may even show up at your house unannounced. If this happens, call the police right away. Don’t let them continue harassing you.

    Stalking victims should report any suspicious behavior to local law enforcement.

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