Why do people on POF want your number?


Why do people on POF want your number? looking forward to your oppinion

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  1. People on POF want your phone number because they want to call you back. They don’t want to waste time talking to you online. That’s why they ask for your number.

    If you answer yes to the above questions, then you should definitely give them your contact information. But remember, you shouldn’t just give away your personal details without thinking about it. Here are some tips to help you decide whether or not to share your number.

    1) Do you trust them?

    2) Are they worth trusting?

    3) Will they use your information responsibly?

    4) Can you live with yourself knowing that they might misuse your info?

    5) Would you rather talk to them face to face?

    6) How much money could you lose if something bad happened?

    7) What kind of relationship do you want to build?

    8) Have you ever had a bad experience with a stranger?

    9) Could you afford to lose the friendship/relationship?

    The Psychology Behind People Who Ask For Numbers

    People who ask for numbers on online dating sites are looking for two things: validation and security. They’re trying to figure out whether they should trust you and whether they need to be cautious around you.

    Validation comes from knowing that you’ve been accepted by another person. Security comes from knowing that you won’t be hurt by them. Both of these feelings are very important to human beings. So when someone asks for your phone number on a dating site, they’re asking for your validation and security.

    If you give them your number, they’ll feel validated because they know they’ve been accepted by another human being. And they’ll feel secure because they know that you won’t hurt them.

    But if you don’t give them your number, you’ll lose both validation and security. Your date may not accept you, and you may end up hurting them.

    Should You Give Out Your Number?

    If you’re wondering whether or not you should give out your phone number on a dating site, here’s a quick answer: Yes.

    There are several reasons why giving out your number is a great idea. First, it helps you find compatible matches faster. Second, it gives you a better understanding of who you’re talking to. Third, it allows you to filter out the wrong people earlier. Fourth, it makes it easier to contact you later. And finally, it lets you build trust with your matches.

    When you give out your number, you’re essentially saying, “Hey, this person wants to talk to me.” This signals that you’re interested in meeting them. People who aren’t interested in meeting others tend to avoid sharing their numbers.

    Giving out your number doesn’t mean you have to be available 24/7. But when you do decide to share your number, make sure you set some boundaries. For example, say you only want to respond to messages between 9am and 5pm. Or perhaps you’d prefer to meet at a coffee shop rather than a restaurant. Whatever works for you.

    Once you’ve decided to give out your number, there are two ways to go about it. The first option is to create a profile where you list your number. Then, whenever someone sends you a message, you can reply directly from within the messaging app.

    Alternatively, you can send a direct message (DM) to everyone who contacts you. DMs allow you to communicate privately with anyone who reaches out to you. They’re especially useful if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.

    Either method is fine, as long as you’re comfortable with the risks involved. For instance, if you receive too many unwanted messages, you may feel pressured to respond to every single one. On the flip side, if you ignore too many messages, you risk missing out on valuable connections.

    Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Either method works just fine, so pick whichever feels right to you.

    What To Do When Someone Asks For Your Phone Number

    If someone asks you for your phone number, here’s what to say:

    1) Don’t give out your cell phone number unless you’re expecting a call.

    2) Tell them you don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize.

    3) Say you’re not interested in meeting anyone right now.

    4) Ask them to leave a message instead.

    5) Give them your email address instead.

    6) If you must give out your phone number, ask them to send you a message via email.

    7) If they still insist on calling you, tell them you’re busy and ask them to call back later.

    8) Block their number.

    9) Delete their profile.

    10) Never ever give out your cell phone # again.

    11) Go online and find another person who wants to meet someone just like you.

    Final note

    When someone asks for your phone number, they may just be trying to start a conversation with you. But if they ask for your number specifically because they want to hook up with you, then you need to take action.