Why does a married man want another woman?


Why does a married man want another woman? can you help me with this question

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  1. If you are a married man looking for a second wife, then you should definitely consider using a site such as Ashley Madison. There are lots of reasons why a married man wants another woman. One reason could be because he wants to cheat on his wife. Another reason could be that he just wants to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman without being tied down to one particular relationship. Whatever the case may be, you should not hesitate to join Ashley Madison.

    Ashley Madison is a website which caters to married men looking for affairs. They offer a wide range of services including adult chat rooms, webcam chats, phone calls, and much more.

    You might be thinking about joining Ashley Madison because you don’t want your wife to find out about your affair. Well, you shouldn’t worry about that at all. The site offers discreet services which makes it impossible for anyone else to discover anything about your affair.

    Another thing which makes Ashley Madison different from other sites is that it provides services to both men and women. In fact, the majority of the clients are women who are interested in meeting men online. That’s right, you can easily find a girlfriend on Ashley Madison.

    There are several benefits associated with using Ashley Madison. For instance, you can sign up for free and start browsing the web cam chat rooms immediately. Also, you can select the type of woman you want to date. You can also browse through the profiles of the women on the site.

    One thing which you must remember while signing up for Ashley Madison is that you cannot register anonymously. Therefore, you must ensure that you provide accurate information about yourself. Also, you must keep your profile updated. This is important because once you become a member of the site, you will receive emails regarding your account status.

    Ashley Madison gives you access to various features. For example, you can view the list of all the women available on the site. You can also search for specific types of women based on age, ethnicity, body type, etc.

    When you visit Ashley Madison, you will be given a membership card. You can use this card to purchase credits. These credits are used to communicate with the women on the site and to buy gifts.

    Once you have purchased enough credits, you can contact the women directly. You can also ask them to show off their bodies. You can talk to them via text messages, video calls, and live cams.

    Ashley Madison allows you to upload images and videos of yourself. You can share these files with the women on the website. Some women will request payment for viewing your image.

    Also, you can create your own personal ad and put it up on the site. You will also be able to customize your ads according to the preferences of the women on the website

    Find Out Why He Wants Another Woman

    If you’re wondering why a married man wants another woman, here’s the answer: he’s bored!

    Men who are bored are looking for excitement in their lives. They’re not happy unless there’s some sort of change in their routine. And when men feel stagnant, they often seek out ways to spice things up.

    That’s where affairs come in. Affairs allow men to experience a different lifestyle than they’ve been accustomed to. They give them a break from their daily routines and allow them to be free to explore new interests.

    When a man becomes involved with another woman, he feels liberated. He no longer needs to worry about his wife finding out. He doesn’t need to spend every waking moment thinking about her. He can finally relax and live life to its fullest.

    And because he’s having an affair, he’s able to pursue his own interests. He can go places he wouldn’t normally visit, meet new people, and try new hobbies.

    This is why men cheat on their wives. They’re bored and seeking excitement elsewhere.

    Ask Him About His Relationship with Her

    If you’re wondering why a married man would want another woman, here’s the answer: he wants her because she makes him feel young again. He wants to be with her because she makes him forget his wife. She makes him feel alive and vibrant again. She makes him feel sexy and attractive.

    She makes him feel wanted and loved. And when he feels those things, he becomes happy and content. So, he wants to be with her.

    He doesn’t care who she is or where she comes from. He just wants to be with her right now. He wants to spend every moment with her. He wants to wake up next to her each morning. He wants to go out to dinner with her. He wants her to come home at night. He wants to watch TV together. He wants to go shopping together. He wants to take walks together. He wants to hold hands together. He wants to kiss her neck. He wants to hug her tight. He wants to cuddle with her. He wants sex with her. He wants everything with her.

    And he wants to keep her forever.

    Now, ask yourself this question: Is there any reason why a married man wouldn’t want to be with another woman?

    There isn’t. There shouldn’t be.

    That’s why men cheat. They want to be with another women. They want to be free. They want to be single. They want to be able to date anyone they want. They want to be treated well. They want to be appreciated. They want to be desired. They want to be adored. They want to be needed. They want to be wanted. They want to be loved.

    They want to be free.

    And they want to be with another girl.

    Because that’s what makes them feel young again.


    If you suspect your husband has been cheating on you, don’t let him know you’ve figured it out. Instead, try to figure out what’s going on by talking to him about his relationship with her.