Why single mums are great in bed?


Why single mums are great in bed? share your thoughts

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  1. Mum’s are always ready to give us a helping hand. They are always available to help us study, clean the house, cook food, etc. But one thing mum’s don’t offer is sex. Well, not until now. Single moms are becoming increasingly common these days. And while dad’s may be busy working hard at their jobs, mom’s are taking care of the kids. That leaves them free to explore their sexuality.

    So why are single mothers getting kinky? Because they want to. There’s something about being a mother that makes them want to experiment sexually.

    A recent survey showed that 40% of single moms were looking for casual encounters online. While it might seem strange at first, it’s actually quite normal. After all, single moms are often juggling multiple roles. They’re parents, wives, and girlfriends. And because they’re usually alone at home, they have time to experiment.

    Single moms are also very creative. They’re adventurous and willing to try anything once. Plus, they’re usually young and fit enough to satisfy their partners. In fact, research shows that younger women tend to enjoy sex more than older women.

    And finally, single moms are highly independent. They’re not tied down with a husband or boyfriend. So they’re less likely to be concerned about making mistakes.

    If you’re a single mom, and you’re interested in exploring your sexuality, take advantage of the freedom you have. Don’t worry about being judged. Your children are still young enough to understand. Just remember to keep yourself protected. Use protection every time you have sex.

    The best sex positions for women with kids

    Sex positions are not just for couples who are having trouble getting pregnant. Sex positions are actually great for anyone looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

    Women with children often complain that sex positions aren’t comfortable enough for them. But there are many ways to modify traditional positions to accommodate moms’ bodies.

    Here are some tips to help you find the right position for you and your partner:

    • Start with a basic missionary position. This is the most common position used during intercourse. Missionary allows for penetration from behind, which may be uncomfortable for women with small pelvises. To avoid this problem, try side-by-side positions instead.

    • Try spooning. Spooning is another popular position because it provides comfort for women with narrow hips. The man lies flat on his back, while the woman straddles him. She leans forward until her breasts touch his chest. Then she slides down until her butt rests against his groin.

    • Try the reverse cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl is similar to the missionary position, except the woman rides the man. This position is especially helpful for women with wide hips.

    • Try the kneeling position. Kneeling is a great position for women with large bellies. The man kneels between the woman’s legs, facing her feet. He lifts her knees onto his shoulders, allowing her to lean backward.

    • Try the standing position. Standing is a great position for men with small penises. The woman stands in front of the man, leaning over him. Her hands support her weight, while he supports hers.

    • Try the squatting position. Squatting is a great position for those with short penises. The man squats behind the woman, supporting himself on his arms. His penis enters her vagina from below.

    • Try the lying position. Lying is a great position for couples who prefer foreplay. The woman lies faceup on top of the man, resting her head on his shoulder. They kiss and caress each other.

    • Try the cowgirl position. Cowgirl is a great position for partners who prefer oral sex. The woman sits on top of the man’s lap, facing away from him. She opens her legs and guides his penis inside her mouth.

    • Try the spooning position. Spoons is a great position for people who prefer anal sex. The woman lays on her stomach, while the man penetrates her anus with his fingers.

    Sex positions for couples with children

    Sex positions for couples with kids are different than those for adults. They’re not only limited to missionary position, because there are many ways to spice things up when you’re having sex with a child.

    Here are some tips to help you be successful at this:

    • Be patient. Sex positions for couples with kids take practice. Don’t expect to master them right away.

    • Keep it safe. Make sure you use protection during intercourse.

    • Use lube. Lubrication makes everything feel better.

    • Try out different positions. There are plenty of options for couples who have kids.

    • Have fun. Kids aren’t going anywhere, so let loose and have some fun.

    If you’re looking for a sexy partner, try these sex positions for couples with kids:

    1) The kneeling position. This is where you kneel down between her legs and enter her from behind.

    2) Doggy style. This is where she lies on top of you and you penetrate her from behind.

    3) Missionary position. This is where she lays flat on her back and you enter her from above.

    4) Standing 69. This is where you stand next to each other and insert yourself into her vagina.

    5) Spooning. This is where you lie face-down on top of her and enter her from below.

    6) Reverse cowgirl. This is where you lay on top of her and ride her from behind.

    7) Side saddle. This is where you sit sideways on top of her and penetrate her from behind.

    Final Answer

    Being a parent doesn’t mean you’re going to lose your sexual appetite. In fact, some studies show that having kids actually makes you better in bed. So don’t worry about losing your mojo when you become a mom. Instead, focus on making your relationship even stronger by sharing intimacy with your partner.